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How can I get an idea of my total shipping costs?

For the best estimate, come into NAQEL Express Office, so our pros can advise you on the correct box and the right shipping choice that fits your needs.

What payment methods can I use to pay for the NAQEL Express services?

You can pay by cash for scheduled online pickups, or; You can visit any of our outlets and pay by credit card (Visa or MasterCard), or; Through our Monthly Invoices System for corporate customers with an NAQEL Express account.

What type of items can I ship with NAQEL Express?

To ensure safety while shipping parcels, NAQEL Express discourages shipment of prohibited, restricted and dangerous items to any destination. For more information, you can download and read our list of Prohibited and Restricted Items.

Also note that some countries have additional restrictions, prohibitions, and acceptance processes for certain commodities. Please refer to the Customs Information page to check the prohibited/restricted items by country.

How can I track my shipment?

You can track your shipment via our website,

Application, available for Android & IOS

Unified number: 920020505

Twitter: NaqelCare

Email: CS@naqel.com.sa

WhatsApp Bussiness: https://bit.ly/2Wzzoeg

how long it will take to receive my shipment once I submit my order?

After Naqel receive your order from shipper side you will receive an SMS to inform you about expected delivery date

Does Naqel provide customs clearance service?

For any further details please contact us on CS@naqel.com.sa

what are the required documents for international shipping?

Commercial invoice. If the shipment need any other documents our representative will inform you.

How long will it take for international shipping?

International shipping duration depends on the origin and destination

How can I use Naqel services?

You can use our service by calling our unified number & contact us via Email

how can I receive my shipment?

You will receive an SMS once your shipment is out for delivery and our representative will call you

What is the difference between local and international shipping services?

Local shipping is by land only. For international shipping is by air, by land & sea (for chosen countries)

What are the outlets working hours?

From 9:00AM up to 2:00PM and from 4:00PM up to 9:00PM

do you provide warehousing service?

Yes, please send an Email to CS@naqel.com.sa

How can I send my location to you?

Once Naqel receive your shipment you receive an SMS enter the link for entering your location, please make sure that your GPS is turned on.

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