Customer Charter


Our commitment to secure all customer information, shipping record, rate, shipping documents and make it available only for concerned Naqel employee and authorized person by shipper


All staff are very well trained to hander every customer in most professional way in the manner that make every contact with Naqel employee is remarkable experience.

Right Time

Our goal is exceeding delivery shipment on time. We understand the importance of every shipment to our customer, so we are working around the clock to ensure delivery take place to the right location at the right time

Safely and Secure

Ensure the safe handling of all customer shipment to be deliver to the recipient in most convenient status, while at same time secure the shipment from the pickup to the final recipient hand.


From the time of customer calls, till the final delivery of the shipment to the recipient, Naqel representative developed and trained to ensure maximum professional standard in their interaction with the customer.


Technology is now major part on our customer life, we are here to care about your needs and make sure that you reach us at any time, through mulita-communication channel and at same time provide you with the status of your shipment on time.


Our customers have different demands, based on their personality, needed and culture, and here in Naqel we totally understand that and working through multitalented representative to ensure all our customer needed met and achieved.

Competitive Service

High standard of service level, doesn’t not mean overcharges or expensive rate, we are maintaining highest service standard with very remarkable rate compare to the market.

Customer Feedback

Customer needs and requirement is increasing and it if different from one industry to another, so we are passionate to receive our customer comment, and concern regarding our service to comply and fulfill such requirement

Consistency & Continues Improvement

Only constant is change, so in Naqel we are adhere to all quality tool that enable us to predict customers need and develop our system to match your needs.

Business Ethics

Our representatives are working to serve and satisfy the customer and in return, we are expecting our customer to communicate with them following business ethics

Service Charges

Customer is entitle to get proof of payment for the charges of Naqel services, at same time Naqel keep the right to take needed action to ensure the collection of such charges.

Information Accuracy

Our service depend basically on information provided by our customer to ensure smooth delivery and invoicing, so we appreciate our customer support to provide complete and details information for all the shipment

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Naqel Customer Service Contact Numbers
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Unified No. 920020505, Toll Free number. 8002464444
Bahrain: Toll Free number: 80020800
United Arab Emirates: Unified No. 0097143131800