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"Today, you must admit that the most popular buzz words in the logistics industry are “omni-channel logistics” and “multi-channel distribution” which represent the changing landscape of goods distributions and logistics. E-commerce shipping and logistics has become the focal point of Microsoft’s growth strategy.

At NAQEL Express, we are proud that we provide integrated solutions, customized packages and services that promote an e-commerce culture that meets the needs of the market.

We are always keen to keep ourselves informed of what technologies can make us ahead and therefore we have devoted all of our efforts in order to capture the opportunities that contribute to the spread of our services using these technological solutions to create strategies that help us satisfy our customers.

We offer a series of services and privileges that contribute to promoting an e-commerce culture that is in line with market needs. These advantages contribute to the growth and prosperity of both start-ups and large companies by providing supply management solutions, warehousing, customs clearance and ensuring safe and smooth shipment of shipments to customers."


"We realized that most customer prefer to pay cash on delivery rather than use online payment systems within the Middle East as is shown by 80% of all payments in the market being made through COD services

NAQEL Express understand the importance of reliability and safety when it comes to the fundamental objectives for online shopping (when it comes to payment options therefore we provide an industry leading COD service with debit card payment options.

NAQEL Express provide COD home delivery services and debit card payment options for the ease of the consumer."

E- fulfillment

As a full-service transportation and logistics partner, we understand how important fulfilment centre is to the success of e-retailers. With NAQEL Express fulfilment centre, we provide the necessary space to store all products, whilst co-ordinating your inventory and delivering the shipment to the customers securely and quickly.

With the NAQEL Express fulfilment , you can get the necessary space to store all products, coordinate inventory and ship to customers easily.

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